God’s Cover: ‘My Personal Encounter with Angels, Jesus’

My first encounter with an angel was in 1999 – then I young and inquisitive – and was praying to God to reveal my future husband.

Many youth were talking about visitation by angels. I was saying, “God I have never seen an angel – and I wanted to know my future spouse.”

Unexpectedly, a person stood next to me.

By Apostle Anna Sibiya

He was friendly.

“Do you want to see the person you are going to marry?” he asked.

An image of Apostle Pride Sibiya was revealed – but I laughed it off, thinking, “Where would I meet such a person in my life.”

The man vanished. People dismissed this encounter as a ‘dream.’

“I am with you…”
Years later, at a Youth Camp in Masvingo, people were speaking about angels. The next morning, I heard a voice saying, “Look up!”

In the sky a glowing figure appeared. The voice mentioned, “That’s an angel.” People prayed and were delivered.

When I joined Glory Ministries, I overheard of angel encounters. At one time, I was dejected – then I saw someone entering through a closed door.

“I was sent with your message. God loves you and He is always with you.”
God’s Cover ‘My Personal Encounter with Angels, Jesus’ By Apostle Anna Sibiya
God’s Cover ‘My Personal Encounter with Angels, Jesus’ By Apostle Anna Sibiya
There was a wedding in our church – but transport was scarce. A private car stopped, though it was going to a different destination, the man asked me to stay in the car. He was to drive me to the venue. I was frightened.

“I will take you to your venue,” he stated.

The ensuing discussion revealed – he knew me, though I had never met him. He would respond to questions in my mind.

As we talked, he asked about my boyfriend – now my husband, if I truly loved him – and if I was prepared to become a mother of nations.

During the chat, I got scared – and forgot my address – but he showed me the way.

Before dropping me off, he prophesied revealing that: “Never underrate yourself, God will give you grace to overcome. Never lose heart, keep my servant.”

Amidst my confusion, he sped off – and the car vanished.

Curiosity quenched
My curiosity pursued me.

My desire was to see the angel of Glory Ministries. And one day, a very big angel appeared. It was a scary but unforgettable experience.

The visits continued with angels that appeared like Apostle Sibiya following me, even before I was married to him.

Apostle Sibiya later prayed for me, saying it will be fine. I even saw my wedding before it happened, including my first born child, through an angel.

In 2016, I had a dream that I should fast for three days and three nights.

“As you fast, you will meet Amai Eunor Guti – my servant and she will pray for you,” a voice later announced.

Unlocked Heavens
We left for Bindura Prayer Mountain. Angels followed us – then a voice saying, “it’s time for you to arise!’

The following day, Amai Guti came.

The night after the prayer, I heard a command.

“Sleep at the alter and to tell your children to prepare for angels.”

Shooting stars appeared – then followed by angels.

When we returned, the heavens opened dispatching boxes bearing names from Glory Ministries.

“These are for your children,” it was said.
On Sunday, 18 September, more angels came.

The heavens opened again – and Jesus appeared during a church service at Bethel Worship Centre.

The experience was frightening, I wanted to run – and then in a glimpse – it was over.

Angels by your side

Angels mingled with congregates changing their past. On stage, a glowing lion moved, releasing a heavy presence of God.

After the service, people presented problems to me.

God asked me to dispatch Angels. One woman’s marriage has already been transformed.

God may send angels to confirm something in your life. He is trying to show you that angels are standing with you. The spiritual being brings comfort.

Apostle Anna Sibiya is married to Apostle Pride Sibiya – the founder of Glory Ministries.
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