Couples Only - Check This 6 Seconds To Spice Up Your Marriage

I recently met a woman married for 40 years! I jumped at the chance to ask her for wisdom on keeping the love going in a marriage. She shared with me the importance of commitment ("It seems young people these days are programmed to just walk away at the first sign of trouble); of conflict resolution ("There are times I've been so mad at my husband I didn't talk to him for a week, but I always get over it."), and her secrets to overcoming relationship challenges.

She also talked to me about keeping the romance alive and how important it is for women to know they deserve pleasure in their marriage bed.

I thought it was interesting that many of her marriage tips reflected what Dr. John Gottman, creator of "The Love Lab," discovered in his research on happy couples. Dr. Gottman says that it's the everyday love that matters most. Sure, the date nights and big romantic getaways are wonderful and necessary, but it's the little things that make the biggest difference.
Couples Only - Check This 6 Seconds To Spice Up Your Marriage
One little thing Dr. Gottman recommends is a 6-second kiss. Passionate kissing is usually the first thing to go when a couple gets busy, unless it's done in the bedroom. The idea is to get beyond the little pecks we give to say goodbye, slow down and really connect with your spouse. A 6-second kiss is "long enough to feel romantic," Gottman says, and will make saying hello and goodbye an event that you and your spouse look forward to every day.

If you're in a rut or you want to spice up your marriage, start with a 6-second kiss today!

Written By Aesha Adams Roberts
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