A Cheating Man Asked Me This Question - Spice Up Your Marriage and Improve Your Relationship

A Man Cheating On His Wife Asked Me This Question After I Challenged Him Why He Cheated On His Wife.

SIR, CAN YOU EAT ONLY BEANS FOR TEN YEARS? At first I didn't know how to answer him because it sounded as if he was making sense but God gave me an inspiration to answer him. Immediately, I replied: yes, I can. He laughed at me and looked at me with a question written on his face, how?

In reality I love beans so much and that makes me not get tired of eating it daily. But for me to continue to enjoy my beans I transform my beans into many things so I don't eat beans everyday and every time.

I can make beans cake (akara) for breakfast and momoi for lunch from the same beans. I can garnish my beans with varieties and spice it up with different spices.

I also asked him if he ever heard a scenario where a doctor advised his patient to avoid some set of food and stick to a particular or some particular ones? That is because those other food can damage his health or send him to his early grave.
A Cheating Man Asked Me This Question - Spice Up Your Marriage and Improve Your Relationship

Then he protested again, but sir, for a healthy living one needs to eat balanced diet. I became dumbfounded for a minute before another inspiration came. I realized that the Israelites ate only manna for forty years and no single one among them was sick for those forty years. Their sickness started when they requested for variety, "we need meat they said". God gave them enough meat, they ate and it was coming out of their noses.

When you eat what God is not happy with, it will come out of your nose. God is not happy with adultery.

He wanted to ask me further question but he paused and asked me to explain my previous answers. Then I explained thus;

Your spouse is the beans and if you truly love her you can never be tired of her. To transform my beans into akara and momoi means every man should spend on their wives to change their look as often as possible. Change her hairstyle weekly, change her wardrobe often, buy her what makes you attracted to other women outside.

Also, garnishing it with varieties and spicing it up with different spices require that you do some romantic things like using different styles at the bedroom, doing it elsewhere different from your home, making the place smell nice etc. Christian couples must be creative in their bedroom. Nudity and immodest dressing is not ideal outside but not in the the bedroom. Deliberately expose your cleavages and tigh for your husband, make your towel drop deliberately, bend down in front of him to pick it etc. Tempt him, seduce him and be his prostitute.

Your wife is a manna from heaven and she is a complete balanced diet. In her, there is protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and minerals. That is why every woman has same contents. Though the container may differ in size and height. And like you know that the content of milk is what makes it milk and not the container, you use the milk and throw away the tin.

Don't take a bite from the forbidden fruit, it may look attractive but it is poisonous. Strange women may look attractive but they are poisonous and deadly, don't take a bite.


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