Understanding Your Husband: What Lovemaking Means To Him (Part 1)

Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.” The way your man sees sex is quite different from your perception of sex. It means much more to your husband than to you. 

He is passionate about it and might even be “crazy” about it. Sex affects the way every man reasons. Once you understand the importance of sex to your man, I am sure you will be able to go all out to satisfy him. .
1. It Brings Him to the State of Rest. Have you ever noticed your man's countenance after you might have given him a good dose of ingenuity and generosity of your body in the bedroom? Have you ever observed that he usually feels fulfilled and at rest after a good performance in bed? Great sex is good for your husband; it takes his body to its state of rest. 

2. It Boosts His Self-Confidence. Many men who find it difficult to have or sustain an erection think they are not “men enough” in their own eyes; hence, they have a bad self-image. On the other hand, a sexually satisfied man develops self-confidence. Sex fulfils his manhood, makes him feel good about himself and makes him appreciate himself as a man. A group of young men were presented with two options to choose from. To be amputated in one hand and leg or to die? They all answered that they preferred to be amputated than to die. Then they were asked if they'd rather die than become impotent. Almost 90% of them preferred to die than become impotent. That is the level of importance men attach to their sexuality. This elucidates the reason your man is “unnecessarily” angry when you deny him sex.

3. It Brings the Best Out of Him. Do you want to see the best in your man? If yes, give him good sex regularly and see how he will respond to you with love, care and admiration. On the other hand, if you want the worst of him deny him sex and see the animal in your man. 

4. It Culminates in a Better Marriage. A sexually satisfied man is likely going to be a loving husband, which results in an intimate marriage full of love and peace. Some unexplainable behaviours of your man can be traced to the bedroom. Likewise, unusual care and display of great affection can also be traced to sexual fulfilment.

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