PRESS RELEASE - Apostle Pride Sibiya Releases New Book On Honouring Servants of God!


Book Launch  - Apostle Pride Sibiya, releases a new book highlighting the importance of honouring servants of God!

Description - In Double Honour Servants Of God - Blessing through Honouring Servants of God, author Apostle Pride Sibiya unveils the power and truth of an often-overlooked principle the spiritual law of honor. 

He explains that understanding the vital role of this virtue will enable readers to attract a blessing both now and for eternity. In this book, he weaves scriptural examples and personal stories to demonstrate the nature of Double Honour towards Servants of God. You will dig deep into God’s Word and discover how your value and respect for God's Servants determines the rewards you receive.

The book targets congregants, leaders and ministers of the word of God. The book illustrates why and how we can honour the servants of God. Apostle Pride Sibiya reveals that there is great blessing that God has embedded in blessing his anointed genuine servants.

In the book Double Honour, Apostle treads on unfamiliar territory standing for the restoration of the integrity and respect of the genuine servant of God. Does this speak of your own situation? Would you want a change in your ministry? Would you appreciate a book launch where you and your leaders are taught on honouring God's servant in their life?

This book will be released by Brand Pride Sibiya ( in conjunction with Oudney Studios ( The book launch is in partnership with the Zimbabwe Council of Pentecostal Churches (Z.C.P.C). Having been truly impacted by the life of Joseph and the late Antonetta Kutama, Apostle Sibiya took time to write this book so as to reveal the importance of correctly honouring God’s anointed.
Apostle Pride Sibiya Releases New Book On Honouring Servants of God! 
Time: 1400Hrs
Venue: Ablaze Churches (Unit D, Seke) - Next To Town Centre Shopping Complex.

Contact Information: For more information about Double Honour or Apostle Pride Sibiya, please contact Oudney Patsika at 0774042042 and 0733965465

Oudney Patsika - 0774042042 and 0733965465

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