18+ - MARRIEDS CLASS: How To/Not To Communicate Lack Of Sex Interest To Your Spouse Wisely

Communication is one of the most important things in marriage. Lacking wisdom in it may cause marriage riots. We all know that in married life you partner may be at the highest point of wanting sex and yet you may not. 

Here are a few wrong ways to reject sexual advances by your husband:
- Shouting at the man.
- Giving him/her something he must do as a condition to have sex.
- Placing the baby on your chest and pinching them to wake up when your husband/wife touches you.
- Putting on tights, or a pair of trousers to bed.
- Pretending you are sleeping.
- Pretending you are praying ... ummm musadaroba!
- Watching television and refusing to go to bed till the man/woman sleeps off.
- Sleeping in the sitting with your children.
- Sleeping in the children bedroom or guest room.
- Turning your back to him.
- Midnight "headache."
- Removing his/her hands angrily from your body or breast.
Not tonight!
While communicating your interest in sex to your partner is best by body language and signs, communicating lack of sex should be by dialogue and explanation!

A marriage under Jesus Christ is the best! Receive Him as a family and go to church. PLEASE SHARE!
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