A pastor was on his way for a night vigil, on his way his car broke down and he couldn't find any help from anybody since it was late.

He decided to stay in his car and start reading his bible, immediately he saw light ahead of him and decided to go and check, on getting closer, he noticed that they are ritualist tying one goat and cursing it saying Emeka it will never be well with you, that no good thing will come his way, they finished their ritual and left.
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Then a voice said to the pastor, Go and untie that Goat and bless him that it will be well with Emeka.

The voice said to the pastor I am God, I made your car not to work so as to use you to deliver this my innocent child.
Now I pray for you reading this Story, That in anyway that the devil and his agents are planning any evil against you, it shall never come to pass in the name of JESUS Name.
Whatever evil they plans against you shall never work for them. You are covered with the blood of Jesus.

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