Now On Relationships ... A Must Read!

1. The distance between you and your promotion is a person. Never miss an opportunity to make the right connection with someone.

2. Wrong connections lead to destruction whilst right connections lead to greatness. You are as strong as your connections.

3. Bad friends corrupt good morals (1 Corinthians 15:33). When a good thing is compromised by what is bad, it is the good thing that suffers.

4. You can never connect to someone unless you agree with their lifestyle and values (Amos 3:3). Your friends have a great impact on your character.
Now On Relationships ... A Must Read, 
5. No one can be successful in life without the input of others. No matter how great you are, you need others. Even Jesus the greatest of all needed his disciples to fulfill his mission.

6. For a relationship to be strong, it has to pass the test of time and of commitment. What happens after tests, challenges and trials shows the strength of the relationship.

7. The people greater than you have the capacity to pull you up and those under you rely on you to be pulled up. Stay connected to both groups.

8. Things like gossip, lies and jealousy destroy relationships. They are like cancer in that they slowly but surely destroy even the strongest of relationships.
9. How patient you are in a relationship reveals how strongly you believe in it. When you are patient with something, it shows you place high value on it.

Authored by Apostle Adolphas Chibanda.
Senior Pastor of Wind of Revival Church. Apostle Chibanda can be contacted on +263 772 945 839.

Source - Apostle Adolphas Chibanda
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