God Told Me To Do It - The Secret Of Working Miracle Talents By Professor Ezekiel Guti

When I was at school towards the end of the year, a certain man who had a lot of money, a big church and many buses came to me and said, “Work under me so that I may help you in all your work and building of churches in your country. I will also give you many buses.”

As I wanted money for the work of God I said, “God has seen me and now I have found money.”

I told the man that I would give (him) the answer the next day. After praying, God spoke to me and said, “If you work under this man you may do so but I will not be with you, I will take my anointing from you.”

And I said, “I want money to do your work oh Lord. Should I return empty handed? What am I going to give your workers you gave me to work with?”

God said to me that night, “If you humble yourself and obey me, I will be your money.”

I answered saying, “Oh Lord, I want to work under you and not under this man.”

Then God said, “Go back to your country, you will have lots of money.”

I asked God for the means to get the money. And the Lord said, “Go and teach the people my word and teach them to give and also to work talents.”

And I said, “The people are poor, they are not like people of this place.” Then the Lord said, “If you teach people my word, I am going to bless you and build many church buildings of worship.”

I thanked God.
God Told Me To Do It - The Secret Of Working Miracle Talents By Professor Ezekiel Guti
The following morning I said to the man, “I am sorry, God has forbidden me to work under you.” The man said, “You are going to suffer because you refused to work under me.”

Through working talents Zaoga has seen its people venturing into various businesses which vary from micro-enterprises to medium and small enterprises. Although some of the businesses are small in nature, like selling nuts, their impacts are life-changing not only for households but also for the entire nation.

Over the years talents have had a significant impact on housing delivery, improvement in general welfare of Zaoga members, education, social services delivery, employment creation, and creation of savings of economic development of the country.

The effect is being felt now due to the growth of Zaoga especially taking into account that the church is now in 125 countries and states.

With respect to the impact of talents on social services delivery, Zaoga is the only indigenous church to build a hospital of its own kind, Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Waterfalls. It has established a non–medicine wing combined with a medical wing.

With regards to housing delivery, through talents, Zaoga has encouraged its congregants to build houses which were a sacrosanct for many people especially the poor.

Interestingly, in Zaoga the poor who are not educated and formally employed now own houses courtesy of talents. This effort is certainly helping the country in addressing house delivery in a sustainable manner.

Education lies at the heart of economic development of any country and emancipation of every citizen. Through talents, Zaoga is the first indigenous church to build a university, Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU).

Still on education, Zaoga is a proud owner of a number of schools for example, the Grange Primary School, a top class education centre ranked the best school in the country year in and year out. In the same vein the church is running dress making schools which are aimed at empowering people especially women through practical education.

Zaoga has a soft heart for the orphans and has built homes for them. This is an important milestone for the church in celebrating 55 years of preaching the gospel.

Therefore, I say talents are of God. It is not man’s philosophy. It is also the way of God to bless the children of God in their homes because it trains people to use their hands. People who were once sufferers are raised to a standard to use their hands and sustain themselves. People who used to sit on empty tins of cooking oil because they were too poor to buy chairs or sofas, today, through working with their hands supporting the work of God, God has blessed them.

Glory be to God.

Finally the church has contributed to the employment creation in the country. To start with, the establishment of the church itself has created employment. Second, the projects that the members are running have resulted in employment creation.

The university, hospital, schools, and orphanage homes are all creating employment for the nation.

An Extract from “The History of Zaoga FIF” by Apostle Professor Ezekiel Guti
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