When Are You Going To Get Married?

This is a very common statement uttered towards many youths. Many of the youth are offended by this statement. As you will meet this remember that this statement comes from people in the following groups 

1. Those who genuinely want you to marry 

2. The sarcastic: who imply that you will never marry. They actually want to see the negative in you. 

3. The joking. Its part of their joking

4. Those who actually do not know what they are saying 5. Those who want to push you so that they claim that it is them that encouraged you. To them it is a plus. They are self styled marriage counsellors.

All the same a good spouse comes from the Lord not from family and friends or foes. Continue praying as I also pray for you. Your marriage is coming!!! 
John Museredzo is an expert on Youth and Marriage matters. Be blessed. +263775127589
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