Two Facets Of The Same Man/Woman Of God! Check This!

It is important to know that in every ambassador of God there are two natures:

1. A MAN/WOMAN (The world conscious part) This is the part which remains conscious of the world. Jesus had it and so cried at Lazarus' funeral, felt sleepy, hungry, tired, pain Servants of God must know this part is very important to their total well- being and therefore must take good care of this part e.g. Studying, researching, eating healthy, exercising, bathing, dressing well, godly sex life and all. However we all need to work our lives and character and make sure this part does not override the "OF GOD," in us.... Else we will be "carnal servants of God" who indulge freely in the "world systems."

Be careful servants of God, that "OF MAN" has not received Jesus Christ and it still yearns for money, the pride of life and the lust of the eyes. That you are anointed does not kill the desire to sin! You are not immune to sin because God called you! Be very careful, be a child of God before you are a man of God...your relationship with God is more important than your titl....Jesus did not die so that he creates employment for pastors but a relationship with God.

To those close to a servant of God, observe these and more: Take good care of your ministers, they do not eat manna, drive chariots of heaven, live in the spirit, wear fig leaves. Your minister is not a ghost floating in the air, their carnal needs must be met. 

However ...
The human versus the divine
Do not think your minister is already in heaven. They still have emotions and feelings, motives and aspirations. Protect them by not allowing them to pray touching your sensitive parts, keeping church money, traveling or visiting without their spouse or someone else, do solitary counseling, always entertain members of the opposite not tempt them, they are still a MAN/a WOMAN!

2. OF GOD (The heavenly-conscious part) This is the part that initially attracts us all. Even though servants of God are still human and "just like us" we must know that they carry a highly divine nature and divine calling, a sanctification, they are set aside/apart to be "not just like us." Ephesians tells us that servants of God are gifts to us...indeed rare gifts. Though John, we all know, was born of Zachy and Lizzy, the Bible makes it known to us that infact, John proceeded from heaven...John, a man sent FROM GOD!

Your attitude as a servant of God is that you do not come from Chivi, Amsterdam, Dallas, Soweto or Cairo ... you are FROM GOD. Apostle Sibiya is not from Chipinge or KZN but a man sent from God! Therefore a man sent from God is a blessing to not compete with your members husbands for their wives, you are a man sent from not lie and cheat, prophesy, do not prophelie to get people's money, you are a woman sent from God...cast out devils, heal the sick, cleanse lepers, proclaim the Kingdom of like a man sent from God!

For those around servants of God ... never get used to your servant of God, familiarity breeds contempt and is a killer of the supernatural flow of grace and miracles from the servant of God...never think you know him and his preaching? Even if she opens the same scripture over and over again, usadheerere ... iwe! ... everytime have it in you that, though he is short tempered and we grew up together, this indeed is A MAN/WOMAN SENT FROM GOD! When you give give into that divine nature, even tithe, when he pray, for you see the hand of Jesus on you.

In short, God sent me to remind you a servant of God is a human engulfed and clothed by divinity, take care of both areas. 

They are MEN/WOMEN(human)...but OF GOD(divine). You know Apostle Pride Sibiya and Anna Sibiya love you! Jesus comes soon.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
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