Success Is Coming To You: Pick Up The Lion Mode NOW!!!

In the jungle:
1. The Elephant is the biggest
2. The Giraffe is the tallest
3. The Fox is the wisest
4. The Cheetah is the fastest

Yet, the Lion is the KING of the jungle even without ANY of these qualities.
African White Lion
1. The Lion is courageous, is bold, walks with confidence, dares anything and is never afraid.
2. The Lion believes it is unstoppable.
3. The Lion is a risk taker.
4. The Lion believes any animal is food for him.
5. The Lion believes any opportunity is worth giving a try and never lets it slip from its hands.
So ...

1. You don't need to be the fastest.
2. You don't need to be the wisest.
3. You don't need to be the smartest.
4. You don't need to be the most brilliant.
5. All you need is courage
6. All you need is the will to try.
7. All you need is the faith to believe it is possible.
8. All you need is to believe in yourself, that you can do it.!!!

Be in business, marriage, church ministry, politics, tourism, or whatever good you are doing, I declare success this year!

Remember the First and Greatest Lion is found in Revelations 5, Jesus Christ the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Why not start of your year by receiving Him as both Lord and Saviour and go to His school of success, the Church.

Stay in Lion Mode ! That's the mode for winners !
Peace and blessings of God be upon you oooooo! Amen!
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