Pastor, Why Am I Not Getting Married? ... Here are 10 Possible Reasons:

1. You are looking for Mr Perfect or Miss Perfect. There's nothing like that. Everyone has flaws, including you.

2. You are anti-social. You always isolate yourself from potential marriage partners. Locking yourself in your room all the time keeps you from finding or being found by potential partners.

3. You are being held back by anti-marriage spirits. As such, you need to go through deliverance. Look for an anointed man of God who can help pray for, and with you.

By Apostle Farayi Muzari
4. You are not taking good care of your appearance. Looks are very crucial. It's human nature to look at the outward appearance. Wash, bath, shave and be neat.

5. You have a bad character which is chasing potential partners away. You may be unfriendly, impolite, disrespectful, pride, quarrelsomeness and rude.

Pastor, Why Am I Not Getting Married? ... Here are 10 Possible Reasons:
6. You haven't become restless with singleness. Like all other burdens, the burden of delayed marrige can only be broken by becoming restless (see Gen 27:40).

7. You are a leach, always demanding and sucking.
No person can be attracted to a high maintenance life partner.

8. You are scandalous, always having multiple partners. Nobody wants to share a husband or wife with somebody else.

9. You are not able to provide for a family (specifically for men since the responsibilities of the home lies upon their shoulders). May the Lord open financial doors for you. However, you ought to be hardworking.

10. You have what I call, 'The Single-Parent Stigma.'
This means you stigmatize single parents and you think you can't get married to a single parent. However, most single mothers will make good life partners. They have seen it all and they are usually ready to settle down. Believe me on this one.

Apostle Farayi Muzari is the senior pastor of KINGDOM FELLOWSHIP MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, a fast growing independent church, headquartered in St. Mary’s Chitungwiza. He can be contacted on +263773190178.

Source - Apostle Farayi Muzari
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