A Must Read: Do We Still Have Friends Like This? I Cried When I Read This!

He called his friend, and told him: "I'm in need of money, my mom is sick and I have no money for her treatment."

His friend said: "Alright my dear friend, just call me later after devotion."He called him but his phone was switched off. He kept calling over and over again, until he got tired.

And went to search for another friend who can help him with the treatment fee.
But he couldn't find anyone who can help.

He returned home and found a bag of medications near his mother's pillow and she was sleeping.
He asked his brother, the brother told him: "your friend came and collected the prescriptions and brought these medicines, he just went out not long ago".
Tears of joy
He smiled and with tears in his eyes he went out to look for his friend, and when he found him; he asked him : "where have you been, I have been calling you since but your phone was switched off..?"
The friend replied: "I sold my phone and bought the medications for your mom."

I cried when I read this piece. Are there still people like this on this earth? I thought to myself, yes yes yes! I know one and maybe you will be number two. Instead of deciding that the one who sinned must be the one who dies, Jesus took the route of the great friend and sacrificed His life so you can have forgiveness of sins by His blood. Why reject such a great friend? Why not receive NOW as your personal Lord and Saviour? Say: Lord Jesus, you are the greatest friend, come into my heart now and make me a new creature. I believe you are God's Son and my Saviour!

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