Men Use You And Dump You Always! Here's Why!

As a lady, you are wondering why men are constantly “using and dumping” you. Today I wish to let you know of a few bitter facts, though I stand to be corrected. 

All abuse comes from Satan and he works through men who have opened to the spirit of lust BUT through some of the weaknesses you exhibit.

1. In this life, there are three types of ladies: the wife materials, sex donors and flower girls.

a) Wife materials are never public with pictures of their body parts, making all noise on social sites. They love genuinely; they may not dress “attractively” at times but one thing they hold within them – the art of true love and loyalty. Hurt them, they will forgive and still love.

Play them, they will still forgive. To crown it all, run away from them, make them cry but upon a genuine repentance and come back, they will receive you with open arms.
Kachi Nwaiwu and Agbon Igbinedion
b) SEX DONORS are described as “sexy” anytime they post their pictures online. Men don’t see them but their body parts. The only reason for which men pursue them is to have a taste of the shallowly hidden “worthless treasures” Men spend all the monies on them, take them anywhere but the reality, when the sun goes down, and sex is the gold being looked for. The funny thing is that these ladies are so myopic with their future that they only see what their thighs can offer. They attach no value to morality.

c) The FLOWER girls are the updates of fashion. New dressing, new walking style, new song, new anything just consult them. They also spend time online every time. The flower girls are meant to do PR. Just provided people see you with her, you “add value” They are pursued by equally lost men who don’t know where they come from and where they go to. 

Having said that, I wish to state the following bitter facts: Just because you have CAPs (Chemically Accelerated Protrusions) whether in front or behind does not make you beautiful. Work on your morality and be a woman. A woman that fears God is priceless. Why not receive Jesus Christ TODAY and be a woman that fears God?

I and mama are praying for you that you may have a great marriage and life ahead of you despite all your challenges and weaknesses!
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