Married Men - Secrets For Men Who Want To Satisfy Their Wives Sexually.

- Respect your wife.
- Treat her like a queen
- Compliment her.. Make her feel good about herself.
- Tell her how very lucky you are to be with her.
- Give her flowers, even if it's just one rose.
- Write her love letters or love notes.
Fun Is Good
- Build a strong friendship.
- Take her out on a date regularly ... lunch, dinner or movies.. Just the two of you.
- Buy her gifts, even a simple chocolate
- Help around the house. Clean up, cook, wash plates etc. You will not become less of a man if you do this.
- She must be your partner in crime when it comes to everything. 
- Tell her all the latest gossip you come across.
- When watching TV or reading together, snuggled up in each other's arms.

In short, build a strong bond, friendship and companionship.

SEEK HAPPINESS WITH HER FIRST! Her sexuality is connected to her brain, so you must win HER MIND FIRST before you win her chakuti, kikiki! If you conquer her mind, you'd have conquered the nhasingeni too. Trust me on this one. Taking a long time in foul-play until she invites you in herself is crucial.

So, build a living relationship with her and what you get in the bedroom is just a big thank you for your actions.
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