Ladies Talk - 3 Ways To Keep Your Man! Food And Cleaning, Not Enough, Woman Teaches Others.

As women we are prone to believe that what men need is a woman who can cook, clean and cater to him. We think we have to be Superwoman in order to keep a man. 

And we believe that our physical doings towards our men as well as our faithfulness and loyalty is all we need to keep our men satisfied within the relationship and satisfied with us. Well I am here to tell you this is 100% incorrect.wrong ....
In order to keep a man pleased, happy, satisfied and genuinely grateful for having you by his side includes 3 important factors that are so often overlooked. When men do us wrong we immediately say, “I did everything for him. I was his woman. I made sure he had hot meals, clean clothes and a clean house to come home to. I took well care of the children and met his every need but he still did me wrong.” We want comfort and we want a pat on our backs when we do this for our men because we consciously believe this is enough. 
Being Together-Minded Is Essential
We think being a “wife” or a “girlfriend” is enough when in all actuality a man needs a partner. He needs a partner who is going to have his back. Before I go any further let me state these 3 mostly overlooked but most important factors in keeping a man pleased with his woman. These 3 factors 90% of women are incapable and unwilling to put forth and this is why we have more women dogging men than truly trying to understand them.

1. Let him be a man! – He does not want you doing EVERYTHING for him. He is an adult and he is the "King of the jungle" and therefore sometimes he needs to feel like so.
2. Ladies, please just shut up! – Yes I said it, SHUT UP! Your man does not want you to be his cosigner all the time. He wants to be able to make his own decisions without you putting in your two cents. Too often we say, “well I don’t think you should”, or the worse one of all, “well what about me?” Just stop! Let him do what he wants. No man wants a woman who is trying to control him. If he loves you as much as he says he does then he has thought his choices through and is making sure those decisions coincide with your relationship’s plans. Just let him be an individual and shut your mouth on matters that do not concern you.

3. Kill your attitude –
I think the biggest turn off to any man is a woman who can’t smile or truly be happy with him for a day. If you constantly nag him about all the things he is doing wrong then eventually he will begin to believe he is not supposed to be with you and he will leave. A man cannot tolerate the attitude of a woman. Do not make it hard for him to love you. Do not make it hard for him to live with you. Know how to have a conversation without sucking your teeth, raising your voice and getting frustrated because he is not saying what you want to hear. If your man sits outside of the house in his car before coming in from work because he does not want to be bothered with you - check your attitude.

I see a lot of Resolutions from women saying they want a man who deserves them because “there are not too many good men on this earth.” Again, you are WRONG. There are plenty of good men in the world but just as men have a hard time understanding women, we as women are proving that we have a hard time understanding men. The problem is we all preach the same thing about them, so any foul mouth FB status about a man always receives 30+ likes from women who obviously have no understanding of the male personification. 

This is not an age thing. There are 40-60 year old women who still do not get it!

Cooking and cleaning is not enough ladies. It takes more. Just like a man laying it down in the bed and doing right by his children is not enough, what makes you think a man does not need more if we need more as well? QUIT man hating and lets begin to learn and understand our men.
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