Ladies Must Read This - Is It The Body-Weight Or Something Else?

Has it ever occurred to you that it’s not your weight or looks that turns people off, but the low self-esteem, shyness and lack of confidence that you display?

If you go around dressed up in mish mash (because in your head nobody looks at big or "ugly" girls) and walk around with your head hung down, dropped shoulders, NOBODY will be attracted to you. 

Your body language and face just scream POVERTY, DEEP ROOTED ISSUES etc.. Ever wondered why men always seem to swarm to you when you’re in a relationship but won’t even look at you when you’re single? It’s because when you’re in a relationship, you change. 
Ladies Must Read This - Is It The Body-Weight Or Something Else?
You feel loved – This fills you with confidence, – your self esteem is sky high, – your look happy, – your face screams HAPPINESS… – even when you walk, you walk with authority… Basically, you’re filled with life and this is what attracts men. Ever wondered why your 'ugly' friend seems to get all the guys, it’s because she displays the above whether she has a man or not. So, you need to start falling in love with yourself. Take care of yourself. Feel good about yourself. Always try to look good. If you feel good, you'll look good.
This starts with knowing that what gives you worth has nothing to do with you nor your faults but the fact that Christ died for you and gives you worth. Receive Him NOW and restore your self confidence. Go to church, pray and read your Bible.

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