Kissing Is One Of Them? Here's How To Have Great Breath!

'It is sad that when it comes to your bad breath it is only you who cannot smell the bad breath.' There is a high probability that people around you may not be at ease to disclose but there may be a problem. 

Hello good friends. As A pastor I get to meet different people with different questions that beg for an answer. One of the questions I get is a simple yet complex one, Apostle Sibiya how can I overcome bad breath? Here's a few tips from the Apostle:

1. Brush your teeth after every main meal or at least twice a day ... most of us do it once, kunyeba here?

2. Make sure that your tooth-brush is replaced after every 3 months ... ummm some of us maiwee-e!

3. Make it a point that you floss everyday. For some of us, we do not even know this creature called flossing. It is using a twine-like material to get rid of food particles between our teeth. If they rot there they produce bad smell.

4. Clean your tongue. Did you know that many smells come from your tongue. make sure your tongue is pink not white or yellowish. scrap it with your toothbrush bristles or by the back of some designed toothbrushes.

5. Always check if you are not having mouth infections and diseases like tonsillitis, mouth ulcers etc.

6. Make it a point you always use mouthwashes to help. Some sugar-free gums may also help. Honey is also good.

7. Diet is one of the greatest helps or let-downs. Make sure you always have a healthy diet and drink at least 2 litres of clear and clean water.

8. Visit your dentist at least twice a year ... kana kaone hama dzangu. Some of us have NEVER! Tjooh neh!

If you married kiss and kiss some more. If not STOP it you may take in spirits and infections from people you are not married to.

Obviously everything needs for you to fear God and pray against any spirit behind this. Receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour today.

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