Keeping Your Integrity: This Is How To Easily Destroy Your Credibility

Credibility Robbers are those things that things or blind spots that erode the credibility of a person or business.

The list of Credibility Robbers is endless however l will pluck a few from my upcoming book, EXPLOITS DOSAGES:

1. Using your mouth where you could have used your ears - One of the things that has landed people in trouble is their mouths. There are instances when you people earn respect by either keeping quiet or knowing when to speak.

My former boss in 2004 said to me, "Young man you are very correct but l think you need to learn to delay your responses".

Whilst l took offense, l realized on reflection that this was a dosage of wisdom. You can do your self good by ensuring your mouth does not outpace your ears. If it does, it must be absolutely necessary and it must pass a wisdom test!
Keeping Your Integrity: This Is How To Easily Destroy Your Credibility
2. Lagging Behind your Name - Do not just build a good name or brand. Be as good as your name or Brand. Getting an order or some business engagement is form of confidence(a sign in the direction of Credibility), don't frustrate this by your execution. Be as good as a your name.
3. Claiming to be in the Game when you are practically out of the Game - Staying in the game makes you credible. I grew up watching a Programme titled Making Money Make Sense. It was anchored by a gentleman l have great respect for, Mr Nigel Chanakira. The Programme made immense impact. Nevertheless, l wonder if the Programme would yield the same impact if it were to be reintroduced by the same characters. 

Why? Mr Chanakira did not stay in the game. Don't just build a name, be as good as your name.
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