He Nailed It Right - Families Are Encouraging A Culture of Violence Not Love

I don't remember seeing my parents kissing, I remember the awkward hugs here and there though, mostly if not only those times when my dad came back from work after a long absence. 

Showing affection was sacred. Never to be done in the presence of children. We were not allowed to watch romantic movies. Well obviously by romantic we do not mean explicit stuff that is ungodly. 

A film can be romantic without obscenities, deep kissing or sex scenes. If there was an unexpected kissing scene , we would close our eyes or look away lest be seen as forward/naughty.
Love not violence is the way to go.
What bothers me the most is that arguing and fighting in our presence wasn't as sacred, it was more like a norm. Even watching action movies was okay. We would watch, laugh and cheer as a family, having a good time, probably the best memories I have. 

Violence was more acceptable than love, yet they all excepted us to grow into loving caring and kind sisters, brothers, wives and husbands. Today, we complain about our men not being romantic. 

Its twice as hard to show love than it is being cold because most of us grew up in the same set up as that I've described. Being a loving person seems foreign. However, let's not dim our lights because we are in dark places. 

Everyday is a new day to improve and do better!
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