Coffee Time With Pastor Grad Zimunya: 3 Friends You Need In Life

Prov 27:17: Coffee never knew it would taste so nice until it met hot water, milk and sugar.

Like coffee we all have friend who make us better in life. The purpose of these friends is to add value in our lives. I have just given 3 types of friends you need to progress in life.

1. Hot Water Friends
These are friends who seem hard on you. They ask you those difficult questions and seem strict on you. I call them accountability partners.

If you tell them your visions or new year's resolutions they will come on you with progress checks. If they see you in a compromising position they will confront you. 

They can give you a real hard time but they are doing it to force the taste and smell of coffee out of you.
Coffee Needs Other Ingredients
These can be your husband/wife, your pastor, your coach or your mentor.
They are hot on you but love them. They sharpen you.

2. The Sugar Friends
We all like these friends. These are the friends we all want to be around us always.

They always have a word of encouragement and comfort. You need these more when you are down and challenged. When the chips are down they will help you pick them up. 

These are what you normally call friends indeed. (A friend in need is a friend indeed). They encourage you in acts and resources.

However like sugar you need their work in correct proportions otherwise they will spoil you. When they leave you in a comfort zone you need to add some hot water.

3. Milk Friends
These are resourced, skilled, experienced and connected friends. These are friend who can help you accelerate your rise. (Milk is rich in nutrients).

They will help you with resources, help you improve your skills, learn from their wisdom and their networks. eg coaches, former classmates, parents.

However you can still do well without them (black coffee) but it will not be easy.
Value the value of your friends. God bless you. Enjoy your day and enjoy your Coffee Time.
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