Changing Of A Calendar Year Is Nothing If You Do Not Observe These

Compliments of the new season! There is no difference in our lives as we are caught in the same old drama.

Some are still in the previous year they are just adding the numbers to their years but nothing is changing in their lives.

A new year will never bring change to anyone unless an individual takes up the challenge to confront their life head-on.

Don't get too excited about 2023 or any other new year unless you have made an informed and robust plan which you will act upon in and so!

I am kindly petitioning you to sit back n relax and do a thorough self-introspection. Are you happy with where life is taking you, or all your activities have become routine?

There are those individuals who drain energy from you. It's now time to say goodbye. There are those projects which bring you more stress than joy, and you may need to consider moving on.

Motivational Speaker, Abiola Abrams

Make the painful decision before you cross over to say goodbye to those people who are not adding value to your life. Not everyone should be in your entourage.
Surround yourself with dreamers, with doers, and those who believe in you, those who will not rest until you succeed.

Pause for a moment and reflect back to when you were in pre-school, primary, or secondary school.
What it means is time is moving and you are not getting any younger. One day you will be an old man or woman will you be proud of your achievements or you will blame your failures on the failed economy.

I challenge you to consider the following ten golden rules:

1. Getting a mentor

2. Reading two books each month

3. Enrolling in a course

4. Looking for new friends who are doing better than you

5. Saving money and or investing

6. Opening another stream of income

7. Eating healthy foods

8. Acknowledging God in all your ways

9. Putting your family first in everything

10. Acting on every plan

Guys this is our time and we find ourselves at a watershed moment to decide to move ahead in life or decapitate and wallow in yesteryear's misery.

Gamuchira Jesu ikozvino woendawo kukereke kunobatirana nevamwe pamweya.

Have a wonderful and blessed day. Amen.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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