To be in a relationship does not guarantee that it will end up in marriage.

1. Never discard non disregard your prospective inlaws.
2. Never despice your partner due to a recurrent flaw.
3. Never dis-fellowship from your family members due to the privilege you got from your in laws.
4. Never dare to challenge your partner in the public due to a comment he or she made.
5. Never disallow your partners suggestion without concrete evidence.
10 No-Go Areas In A Relationship - NO!
6. Never dethrone your partners ego or position in your heart.
7. Never discredit your partners present financial position.

8. Never discourage your partner's dream.
9. Never deviate from your original plan without your partner's knowledge.
10. Never desire or envy your partner's parent wealth because you came from a poor background.

Please, understand that the above points are not norms or stringent policy but simple guidelines to better our relationship. Eric Otueh