10 Facts Every Good Leader Must Hear!

1. When you become a leader, remember you will be criticised. Therefore be ready for it.

2. Leadership criticism can be a result of hate, internal politics, positive leadership ethics, power struggle, desire for change and shift in leadership etc.

3. There are some who will criticise you without fear and will confront you day and night either publicly or privately. I will salute these.

4. There are some who criticise you privately with their peers when you are not there. However when you are there, they will praise you. These are very dangerous.
Leadership Is Influence
5. There are those who will continue to praise you even if you are erring. These are very very dangerous.

6. There are those who will not criticise you when it is not conducive to do so but given chance and opportunity they will explode. You need to be careful of these.

7. Not everyone who criticise you is your enemy. Constructive criticism is always good and builds every leader.

8. There are those who will criticise you with bad motives for your leadership to go into disrepute. These normally just criticise and may blackmail you and want to see you fail. These are bad.

9. There are those who are genuine in their criticism with good heart to see your leadership grow.

10. How you take criticism determines how you will develop and win in leadership. Some have hated, killed and cursed those who criticised them. Civilised leadership takes criticism as a way to leadership development.
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