Tithing is not giving but fulfilling God's commandment 
Any other form giving is not tithing but simply working for God. 
First of all honour tithes and then later, fulfil other form of giving 
Anything you give using tithes money it's wrong, u bring a curse to yourself 
the secret why I am a blessed man is becoz I give my tithes faithfully. 
If you think blessings are in the name of Archbishop, take the name and leave me with my Jesus 
I remain faithful to my God 
Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti
I don't work for God using tithes money 
In some places tithes has gone down becoz some people are abusing tithes money by giving to other things (zvishandwa) eg missions, securing church chairs, etc 
You only reap wht yu sow 
Some of you, your life does not look different with your relatives because you are not faithful in tithing 
When you rob God's tithes, you are actually opening doors to the enemy 
Be honest then later you will be able to help others 
Hatishandiri Mwari nemari ye chegumi tinotukwa naMwari 
If we do so the devil will condemn us and then we get dry and no blessings 
We worn by surrendering 
The way to go up is go down first 
Humble yourself you will find you are up. 
Some churches their bishops don't pay tithes, but in ZAOGA FIF we give tithes from the Archbishop downwards.