Pentecostal Father, Archbishop E.H Guti Speaks On Tithing And Giving.

Tithing is not giving but fulfilling God's commandment. Any other form of giving is not tithing but simply working for God.

First of all honour tithes and then later, fulfil another form of giving.

Anything you give using tithes money it's wrong, you bring a curse to yourself.

The secret why I am a blessed man is because I give my tithes faithfully.

If you think blessings are in the name of Archbishop, take the name and leave me with my Jesus.

I remain faithful to my God
I don't work for God using tithes money.

In some places tithes have gone down because some people are abusing tithes money by giving to other things (zvishandwa) eg missions, securing church chairs, etc.

You only reap what you sow.

Some of you, your life does not look different from your relatives because you are not faithful in tithing. When you rob God's tithes, you are actually opening doors to the enemy.

Be honest then later you will be able to help others.
Hatishandiri Mwari nemari ye chegumi tinotukwa naMwari.
If we do so the devil will condemn us and then we get dry and no blessings.

We are worn by surrendering.
The way to go up is go down first.
Humble yourself you will find you are up.
Some churches their bishops don't pay tithes, but in ZAOGA FIF we give tithes from the Archbishop downwards.
Archbishop Guti with his Wife Eunor Guti
Archbishop Guti with his Wife Eunor Guti
Biography Of Archbishop Ezekiel Guti: Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti is the founder of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA), a Pentecostal Christian Church founded on 12 May 1960 in Bindura, Zimbabwe..

ZAOGA is also known internationally as Forward in Faith Ministries International (FIFMI), and is headquartered in Waterfalls, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Guti was born in 1923 in Ngaone, Chipinge, Manicaland Province, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

He has ministered for over 50 years and spoken in several countries. He has founded seven Bible colleges named Africa MultiNation For Christ College, with three in Zimbabwe, two in Mozambique, one each in Zambia and Ghana. He has also founded various ministries including Forward in Faith Children’s Home, Children’s Ministry, Africa Christian Business Fellowship, the Gracious Women’s Fellowship, along with the Husband’s Agape International Fellowship.

On the international arena, Guti has accepted invitations to preach in several African nations as well as in Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific countries, and the Bahamas, and has spoken in Bible schools, colleges, universities, and on television and radio programmes.

His books include “Maturity Which Comes by Knowing the Ways of God”, “Understanding Your Angels”, “New African Apostle”, “Human Beings Cannot Change Without Pressure”, and “Laws and Responsibilities of a Leader”.

Apostle Guti has established churches in more than 106 nations including North America- USA California, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Washington DC, Illinois, Mexico Canada- Montreal, British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan. Fast East- China.Beijing, Shanghai Asia- India, Bangladesh, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Sarawak, Indonesia, Thailand Australia- Act.Canberra, Northern Territory- Darwin, Victoria- Melbourne, South Australia- Adelaide, NSW- Sydney, Tasmania – Hobart, Queensland- Brisbane, Western Australia- Perth, Broome, Derby, New Zealand. In 2015 He went to open an assembly in Boston, in USA in less than three months he had opened another branch of FIF in Cayman Islands and in Jamaica.

Ezekiel H. Guti is married to Archbishop and Prophetess Eunor Guti. Their son, Ezekiel, who suffered from speech impairment and physical disabilities, drowned in a swimming pool in December 2017.
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