Papa's Open Letter To Son/Daughter

Dear Son/Daughter
There is a link between my heart and you. I will let you know my heart.
I want you to know:
I love you with all my heart.
No matter how many you are, you still have a place in my heart.
I love you not yours. While people with resources are easily visible, I will never love you coz you have or hate you coz you don't have. If it was coz of money, many would have not been leaders in church or close to me to serve me.
I love you coz you are the image of God. Feel free around me, I am your father.
The wealth of any parent is not in houses and wealth but in sons and daughters, I love you coz you are God-given.
I do not have a favourite son or daughter, I have some who avail themselves more than others
I will never discriminate

Father talks to his kids
I will never stop rebuking you coz you brought me groceries. I would be a witch if I did so. If you give me money that you may control me, you will be disappointed.
I love you who gives me money. I love you who has nothing to give, ndinochenga ose manhanga hapana risina mhodzi!
When I shout at you, please forgive me. When I discipline and chastise you its not to kill you, I do so out of a heart of love.
Even when I go extreme and hurt you, it happens coz sometimes I am overprotective of those I love.
When you run away from me I will give you space to live the life of a prodigy, when you finally feel I need papa, please come back home. Even when you are in a strange land, I love you.
When you fall from grace, do not run away, iti baba ndazviitira ndichinjei diaper kwete kutiza netsvina(say dad I messed my pants clean my diapers). When you are clean or dirty, you remain my child.
When you sin, know that papa is not the devil, I will not condemn you before God, I am here to help you stand again coz I love you!
I can stiil leave you to get lost and still go to Heaven...I can leave you to die and still have a great marriage but coz I love you, I will not...many a times our paths will cross and you will think I am cruel...I am not, I am just a parent!
I will never compete with you in anything. Excel in all you can and preach better than me, just do not forget, I am your father. Excel above me, I bless you, excel!
A lot of things will make you feel unloved by me but know I love you. I may not impress like the father next door but I am yours...I may not dress like them, give you sweets and candies but I know my family's needs, those I will die fighting to provide. I may not be impressive like them but I love you!
See you soon son/daughter.
Just know papa loves you!
Papa Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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