My Peace Give I Thee!

Jesus tells us that, "my peace I give to you, not as the world giveth, give I you." Thank God this is Jesus. 

When the world gives, it decides to take back when angry with you. When the world gives, it may give you syrup and tell you it is honey. When the world gives, it goes around telling everyone. When the world gives, it is after something from you. 
Restful mind
When you are sick for 2 days, the world will say, peace, but when you are sick for 20 days they say, die ... BUT Jesus does not give us peace the same way the world does, halleluah. I have peace in my heart because the Prince of Peace is Faithful unlike the world. 

I might not have this and that but I have genuine peace from a genuine Saviour. Amen. I speak peace to you, not the peace of the world but the peace from the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ!


Love you! Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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