A Must Read - Some Pastors Are Now Indeed A Dead Sea!

The Dead Sea is called by that name because the name is descriptive of what it is all about. In the Dead Sea nothing can exist in its waters. Any living thing will simply die there. 

This is because there is too much dirt in it. The reason for the dirt is simple: the Dead Sea has many water inlets that feed into it BUT it does not feed into any other!
Many people especially pastors are living a life of serious poverty. The reason is simple: they believe that, they are the only ones to be given but they never give to any! They are a Dead Sea!!!

They want big salaries but when they invite other pastors they cannot appreciate them...they get groceries and cannot remember the poor ... they choke people to tithe into them but they do not tithe and are not submissive to anyone. Panobuda chipenyu here apa or Dead Sea.

Pastors wise up, live out what you believe and minister life. God does not want you to be poor(Psalm 35:27). May God make you a Live Sea from today!

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
Bishop Pride Sibiya Online
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