A Must Read - The Reason Why You Should Just Do It Even In The Rain.

God commands water to rain. It has no church history, no theology and no Bible and yet it obeys without question. The same God who commands the rain to come on your church day is the same God that commands you to always go to church.

The same God commands you to be in Church (Hebrews 10:25). Yes, I repeated. Your wanting to go to Church will not make it to disobey God. Do not disobey God because it is raining.
Rain or no rain God is still God.
Let rain do what it was sent, you go ahead and do what you were sent. companies, shops, police stations, utilities, industries and every other earthly cooperation does not close because of rain and its workers are on time despite the rain...why should the church close or be empty because it rained?

Rain will not stop me from obeying God!

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