How To Overcome Ngozi (Avenging) Spirits By Apostle Pride Sibiya

Of all spirits in Africa, non is as feared as this one because they are very dangerous, very forceful, vengeful and very unpredictable. 

They can strike a healthy person in a second to death. However do not fear, fear is of the devil, all of this was solved on the cross by Jesus! I will just give a very brief summary of info about this spirit here. Our main text is Genesis 4:1-16. Please read through the Word. Cain kills Abel and Abel's blood, not spirit, spoke to God prompting God to withdraw His protection on Cain and releasing a three-fold curse. When you kill someone almost the same happens and much more like relatives of the murdered coming into play visiting witch-doctors to revenge the demise of one of their own. 

Spirits are invoked to bring this to pass. Because God's protection is no longer on you, all these spirits move in to accomplish these things which are effects of the ngozi spirit: 
How To Overcome Ngozi (Avenging) Spirits By Apostle Pride Sibiya
How To Overcome Ngozi (Avenging) Spirits By Apostle Pride Sibiya
1. You are cursed...a curse is an empowerment to fail. All your things fail unless if you have used magical means or been delivered 

2. The ground will not yield its fruit ... all these things come from the ground in one way or the other and you will have problems relating with some or all of these: clothes (cotton), money (trees), minerals like gold, diamonds (mines), carpentry (trees), cars (steel-mines) and all fruits of the ground.

3. You shall be a vagabond and fugitive...this means you shall never be established or rooted. You will constantly be on the move in jobs, marriages, locations, suburbs, houses, life and even IN CHURCHES (Kikiki !) ... unongodzengerera! 

In-fact the person who kills spend all their lives moving from one bin to the other! Ultimate penalty is YOU SHOULD DIE! How do you run away from this?  According to the Old Testament you would run to the city of refuge where you were supposed to: 

a. Truthfully confess your sin to the priest there ...

b. Live for the rest of your life lest avengers would catch you outside the city and kill you legally! 

The City of Refuge or Horns of the Alter were a shadow of Jesus Christ, the blood of Jesus, the Church,the Kingdom of God, of salvation and deliverance through Christ. Confess your sins, find grace, get proper deliverance then stay there forever ... you cannot just come for kushandirwa (instant silencing) then leave, that is magical i.e. Kutsipika (ungodly silencing) or kusundidzira (pushing over spirits to affect others other than you.) Doing this will make the spirit return more forcefully and dangerous. 

Do the proper thing! Pals seek deliverance under anointed ministration, get teachings, Jesus is the answer, stay in the genuine spirit-filled, Bible-teaching house of God. 

Pray with me: "Lord, thank you for this short teaching. Help me to be strong and fight back these evil spirit that deprive my life of my God-given destiny. Lead me to proper deliverance and help me to be fully delivered in Jesus' name because today I accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour! Amen" 

I have much more to say but for now you have a starting point. Me and Anna love you and are praying for you daily..."No weapon forged against you shall prosper..!" 

Apostle Pride Sibiya (Glory Ministries).

About The Author (2015) Apostle Pride Sibiya is an author and speaker. He founded Glory Ministries ( in 2018. The ministry has grown into a multi-faceted international outreach which reaches many nations. Apostle Pride Sibiya has authored numerous books other books including "How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses!, The Cell Group System, Let's Talk About Sex Babe and Why Should I Go To Church." He and his wife Anna Sibiya live in Zimbabwe, Greater Harare with their three daughters.

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