Dzichaungana Futi Riinhi? Wisdom From Apostle Sibiya On Appreciating Others

There are only two instances when all the animals in the world gathered together without strife and fighting in the Bible. They were well disciplined and well behaved. 

The first was when Adam had a naming ceremony for them (Genesis 2:19). After this they all fled Adam and became wild.

The second time was when the animals became tame, disciplined and well behaved congregants was when there was impending danger. This is when Noah prophesied about the coming rain(Genesis 7:15-16).

The lion and zebra became friends, the cheetah and impala neighbours and all of them looked up to Noah as a great servant of God...yes? ... no ... UNTIL THE STORM SUBSIDED!
A Khoisan girl befriends a cheetah.
Ever since there has never been a meeting like those two. Yes animals teach us a lot:
1. Some people only come to you to be given a name. After they are now named husband, wife, C.E.O, driver, landlord they never appreciate you.

2. The next time you see them is when the name you gave them is under threat...that marriage is breaking, the company is under debt, curators and debt collectors are after them.

3. Some people are not submissive ... it is their poverty that makes them seem like they are disciplined ... akaita mari unomhoreswa negumbo chokwadi.

Let us learn to appreciate our biological parents, spiritual parents, bosses, and all those who made an impat in your life. ALWAYS REMEMBER THOSE WHO GAVE YOU A NAME, BEFORE THE FLOOD COMES!

What have you learnt?

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By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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