Characteristics Of Dangerous Sons And Daughters

We all have people who work around us and we all pray that they may be the best only...and always. As a son check out these character traits and be quick to make amends. 

These characteristic mark dangerous sons:

1. They fraudulently use their father's name for personal benefits. In our church I get many women who bring their husbands to church by lying that, Apostle said he wants to see you. Some have high offices opened to them on the false pretense that they are close to me. Has this ever happened ikokowo? 

2. They are full of bitterness and unforgiving. Never be close to such, they spread their bitterness to you and you will hate people that never wronge you personally. 

3. Attack other brothers/sisters in the Church.

4. Are not changed even after spending years in adversity and hardship. 

5. They feel they are too important and priceless that even the Bishop cannot replace them. They feel they are the ones who hold the Church together and withdrawing their time and resources will leave Church crumbling. 

6. They think they can replace their fathers or mothers. They think, I am much better than this. 
Dangerous Daughter
7. Criticise their fathers.

8. Influence and ploiticise others against their fathers. They appear as "the voice of the voiceless" against the "harsh" demands of the Church. 

9. Do not believe in the father prospering(Ps 35:27) 

10. Steal the hearts of other sons and turns them against him. 

11. When sent to represent the father or ministry they stand on their own behalf not of their father. 

12. Want the priviledges and pleasures of their fathers. When they hear, your father was given a house, they lust after that and jelously protest, it should have been me. 

13. They are men/women of conspiracies. Be very careful of people who call for secret meetings and gather people around them for side discussions after the official business ... people who tell you, we know everything, have been here for long. 

14. They have destructive tendencies. 

15. They look very loyal physically yet they never understand loyalty and can never induce loyalty in other sons. 

My prayer is, I be not a dangerous son...and you be not a dangerous child to your father and Ultimate Father in Heaven, in whatever ministry you have been placed. The Lord be with you all the way. god bless. I love you always. Amen Apostle Pride Sibiya
(Notes from Bishop Dag Heward-Mills and Apostle Sibiya).
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