Bishop T.D Jakes: Prayer Changes Things.

1. Prayer empties the heart of its cares

Talk to God and not people, cause you empty your heart to wrong people. Hannah wailed unto God about her barreness. After she cleaned up her heart to God she gave birth to Samuel the prophet.

It Helps you know God.

2. Acknowledge that the answer is beyond our ability.

That you can't fix and need God's intervention

Acknowledge God's sovereignty,

Know who to call hired someone who knows everything, God who owns everything. Causes you to be humble. Teaching you to lead others to God creator of all things.
Bishop T. D Jakes
Activates Faith

Builds relationship with God

3. Devine direction

Decisions made without prayer leads to destruction. If God gets you in trouble he'll get you out of it.

Every decision needs God's direction through prayer. Seeking God for direction, "thine will be done on earth as in heaven." Prayer is an umbilical cord linking heaven and earth. The spirit and the natural.

Acknowledge him in all our ways

Prayer is a dialogue, pray and stay on him until he speaks back.

4. PRAYER STRENGTHENS OUR INTIMACY WITH GOD not with church, preachers or congregation.

Lack of Intimacy causes the church to cover up for the lack thereof through other things. God is not moved by other things.

Absence of Intimacy is covered up by things. Then they get themselves closer to the intimate people. You don't need

Person to person call no need for an operator

5. PRAYER CHANGES ME  it does not change God. God said I am God I don't change.

It changes me, my situation and my environment.

Go to God yourself, don't depend on your pastor and others.

By T.D Jakes
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