Apostle Pride Sibiya's Prayer For You!

As the festive season draws nigh I kneel in the presence of God Almighty to pray and intercede on your behalf ...

'Lord I pray for my reader right now. I pray for the blessing of god upon them, the blessing of fearing you and not losing focus of the Lord in the festivities of this season. Always remind them of the reason of the season, Jesus Christ!

Lord may you protect them from all the accidents of life. I declare and decree protection as they travel. may the Angel of God that stands with me cover them.
Apostle Pride Sibiya Engages Prayer
I declare that their blood will not be shed, I speak the blood of Jesus before and behind them, I release the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. Lord, I pray that as years and seasons change, let their life change for the better. I speak better days

I speak better relationships with God and beloveds

I speak better health and wealth

I speak better marriages

I speak better finances

I speak better business

I speak a better life, better church, better ministry, better crusades, better results

I speak and declare better, better, better in Jesus' name!

May there be a shift from now!

In Jesus'name I have prayed!


If you love your friend the best is to share a prayer with them.


Apostle Pride Sibiya
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