Apostle Doctor Ephiel Mukamuri - The Family And Ministry Man (Part 2)

"He was a loving father, supportive,encouraging in the faith, compassionate hard working and very diligent." Mordecai Last born son.

"He was a man of faith who stood radically for his faith.his voice of faith thundered amongst us and led us to the Lord" Pastor Dennis Mukamuri-brother.

"I have lived with Apostle Mukamuri as my brother in law and I have known him as a mentor and a great teacher." Sekuru E Patsika - Brother In Law.

"A unique man of God ,rare to find.He lived what he preached.I benefited great through interacting with him" Mrs Marangirapasi – Elder Sister To Mrs Mukamuri.

"A man of God ,my father whom adopted me and raised me in his house without any segregration, paid my school fees and later became his young brother’s wife." Mrs E. Mukamuri
Apostle Doctor Ephiel Mukamuri - The Family And Ministry Man (Part 2)
"A man of the word and intergrity who lived what he said." Jeremy Muzenda A Nephew.

Fellow Ministers

"A humble man full of wisdom." Pastor Makwara Evangelic Fellowship of Zimbabwe Secretary General.

"I have known Apostle Makamuri since the nineties when we invited him to come and preach at our church.We know him as an authorative voice in the area of faith.He has been providing food for our Orphanage and he did that day just before passing on.A friend indeed we will miss him." Apostle Gurupira
"He was a great man and demonstrated the word. We will surely miss him ,but his message lives on." Pastor Barry Dambaza

"I have known and admired this him for his faith messages and living by faith. He is known as Zimbabwe’s great father and teacher of faith." Overseer N Muparutsa
"He was a doer of the word, a goal getter and a giant in the word." Pastor J. Chimbambo. Intercessors for Zimbambwe

"Dr Mukamuri was a father, a pioneer and an Apostle of faith, a genuine man of God who had an amazing passion to live a life of faith. We salute the great works hat he did during his lifetime." Pastor C Tuturu

"He was forebearing because of his faith in God. He was a man of conviction in whatever God instructed him to do.He was a man of daring faith, a man of deep love for God, people and God’s work." Pastor Dave Natalie.
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