1. Don’t Break Her Heart.

2. Don’t Pretend You Love Her.

3. Don’t Tell Her She Is Ugly.

4. Don’t Compare Her To Your Ex.

5. Don’t Take Her Love For Granted.

6. Don’t Shout On Her.

7. Don’t Beat Her.

8. Never Cheat On Her.

9. Don’t Disrespect Her.

10. Don’t Waste Her Time If You Will Not Marry Her.

11. Don’t Make Her Break Her Decision Of “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE”
23 Things A Man Must NEVER Do To A Woman!
12. Don’t Make Her Feel Unloved.

13. Don’t Rape Her.

14. Never Fail To Say She Is Beautiful.

15. Don’t Disgrace Her In The Public.

16. Don’t impregnate Her And Deny it.

17. Don’t Expose Her Secrets To Your Friends And Family.

18. Don’t Lie To Her.

19. Don’t Correct Her In The Public.

20. Don’t Hate Her Family.

21. Don’t Treat Her Like Your Housemaid.

22. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep.

23. Never Destroy Her.

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