Which Church Should I Attend? Wisdom From Apostle Pride Sibiya

Since there is a multiplicity of churches it has become apparent that people need to make wise choices. Some of the lead answers would be the opposites of what we find in chapter 12. 

Apart from serious prayer and meditation to sense the direction of the Lord these additional may help you in choosing a good church:

a. It should be Bible-believing and correctly interpret the Bible.

b. It should be centered on Christ Jesus and One true God who is worshipped only through the enablement of His Holy Spirit.
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c. It should be able to administer the sacraments like the Holy Communion and baptism.

d. It should teach that salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Good works are a result of the constant sanctification of the Spirit in our lives not a pre-requisite or pathway to salvation.

e. It should emphasise their connection to the universal Body of Christ.

f. It should preach against sin and administer gifts of the Spirit, encouraging people to pray and have a personal relationship with God.

g. Whilst administering the gifts of God they should not lose the point that we focus on seeking the Kingdom and His righteousness not on the physical benefits of worshipping God, which we get automatically, as a result of finding the Kingdom.

These are some of the many points that you may consider. Before you join also know their history, their vision, mission statements, philosophy, where they are submitted and all other necessary information. Do not just join because they call themselves “church.” The statement, “we are just worshipping the same God” is in many instances not true.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya from his book, Why Should I Go To Church?"
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