Rev C. Machakaire On Marriage. What Marriage Is!

The Institution of Marriage is in serious trouble the world over, Marriage breakdown is now growing to such an extend that serious concern is expressed as to the whole structure of society the world over. 

In few years time the broken family will soon be the normal family but no Nation / society can survive the disintegration of its home life . God wants marriage to be the way it was when He created Adam and Eve ( Genesis 2:21- 24 ). God is the Author of Marriage and He is in the business of creating Marriages . Marriage is instituted by God . Marriage is the Union between a man and woman, Marriage is a celebration of your Love, your spouse 's interests can help expand your own. 
Marriage is about finding someone who understands and accepts you , unconditional acceptance in sickness and health , for richer or for poorer despite a world of differences and the ups and downs of daily life. Marriage is the first bond of society. Marriage means sharing , caring , committing, being loyal, combining strength , building up and above all staying centered on God . Marriage is all about growth and change . Marriage produces laughter, anger, joy and enough tears to fill a water tank. Marriage means the most when it reflects God's love.

Marriage is an empty box, Love is not in marriage but it is in people and people put love into marriage . Romance, consideration, generosity are not in marriage but they are in people and people put them into the marriage box. Marriage means accepting who we both are and forsaking new ,improved models of a husband or wife, it means respecting the other above all and never acting against the sacredness of that life joined to our own . 

It means being faithful and it means we stop working on being married .A happy marriage is a union of two good forgives (vanhu vanoregererana). Marriage should be honoured by all (Hebrews 13:4) . Anyone can have a wedding but only God can create a marriage .. To wed is to cause to adhire devotedly or stubbornly , for some couples stubbornly is a more accurate discription of their union or relationship than devoted. God blesses the homes of those who fear Him.The devil hates Marriage becoz he is the creator and author of divorce . God hates divorce ( Malachi 2:16 ).Who findeth a wife findeth a good thing ( Proverb ) .Our Lord Jesus Christ blesses the marriage by His presence at Cana ( John 2:1- 11) .Mwari havadi vanhu vanopinda vachibuda muMarriage but at the same time God doesn't condone kufira muMarriage yakafa kare. 

There is nothing like ndave kungogarira vana vangu in God 's marriage vocabulary .A Christian should not marry an unbeliever ( 2 Corinthians 6:14- 18) , Light and darkness can't co exist - Chiedza nerima hazvigarisane . Dananai mudzimba umo musarambane, Practice peace talks in your marriages and u must preach the power of apologies and forgiveness in your families and churches .You must all know your bedroom roles .May God richly bless your marriages and families.

Rev C V .Machakaire is an expert in Social Psychology and he is a Senior Marriage Counselor at The Marriage and Counseling Centre of Zimbabwe ( MCCZ ) he can be contacted on 0775 170 761 , Email : , App 0775 170 761.
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