Pornography And The Spirit.

Pornography has rubbished the youth's of this generation, and pornography has rubbished so many brighter future of the youth's of our generation. 

It has rendered men and women, born to be great, and has made them tomatoes seller, truck pushers, pure water sellers. This is the story of a brother that went into watching Pornography movies, and he ended up missing heaven at last.

There was a brother, well known in the church, and also in the streets, humble and handsome. He can design, he is full of creativity and many has emulated his lifestyle, and wanted to be like him, because he has a brighter future. Many rich men have connected him abroad, because of the talent he has, and how humble he is. This brother was growing, and at the process he met a friend, who became his close friend. He was introduced to watch pornography movies, which he rejected, and one night he received a message on Facebook, a link that was sent to him by a friend, and the link says "click and watch", he immediately clicked on the link,the next thing he saw was terrible, and he quit it, but in that process he didn't pray and asked God for mercy on the mistake which he had made by clicking on the link. A spirit possessed him immediately and he click back on the link and started watching the pornography movie, from 6pm till 6am. 
Pornography And The Spirit.
From that time, he woke up and went to work, that was how he lost all the favour's which he had received since he became a youth, he lost the spirit of creativity that was upon him, he was tried of life. He had to pray and ask God to know the cause of what he is passing through. And he saw himself in a dream, where he died, and he was approaching the gate of heaven, and when he got there at the gate, the angel couldn't allow him in.
Then he said to the angel, why are you delaying me from not entering in to see my Father? The angel answered and said to him. See what you did, showing him when he was watching porn, and the angel closed the book and he heard a loud voice that said, "Depart from me and go to where your name has been registered, go to hell" and he found himself in the midst of the fire, and there he said he saw many youth's that were present in hell fire. And they were crying that they will not watch pornographic movies again, and that God should give them a second chance. Then he woke up.

Porn has very great spiritual implications my dear, turn to Jesus Christ NOW and avoid the fire of hell, in Jesus' name.
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