Pastors' Kids, Why? Wither?

I was once invited to minister for a whole week in a church in another city. Me and my wife lived with the family and together with our hosts discussed a lot of issues. 

One of them was how their children were fast becoming rascals. I quickly befriended the kids and asked them about this. They concurred and told me many reasons why they were deciding to leave their parent’s philosophy and belief system. It was because every time they sat in the church pews and their father was preaching, congregants would be busy mocking him and suggesting that the church was going down because of him.

This is so sad. The children were so bitter against the church and even recounted on how much their father had sacrificed his life and wealth for the church yet they failed to appreciate that. If the church had just honoured the servant of God and his family all this would have been avoided.
Drug Abuse
We need to be very careful when dealing with the family of the pastor. Pastors take a lot of time talking to, and teaching other people’s children and hence mature people in church must also take time with the pastor’s children. Other pastors also come in and shepherd the minister’s children. At certain season in life it becomes very difficult for a minister to pastor his or her own children. Meetings and even conferences for them must be planned. In whatever they do wrong, let them never be corrected in the name of their parent being a pastor. Pastors’ children want to feel like any other child. They have the same temptations. They also love ice-cream like your children and also have dreams and aspirations which may be different from being a pastor some day. All of these are to be respected by the church.

It is the duty of the church to love the pastors’ children and always be there for them. That is how you can honour the servants of God through their children.

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