Pastors And Temptation: Pride and Glory

Pride Pride Pride! This is the greatest of all the challenges yet because it is so subtle. Every time the Bible gives 3 dimensions, the third is always the most powerful. It is not easily noticeable. It needs discernment to take note of it because there may be a thin line between it and godly ambition. It is the sin which single handedly destroyed Lucifer (Isaiah 14:9-18). The Bible tells us that:
  • Pride goes before a fall
  • Humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you up
  • God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble
Pride goes before a fall
2 Timothy 2:24, teachable spirit is one of the things that we desire. Pride will lead you to think:
  • I am better than everyone/ him Jude 8-10
  • I can do better than this
  • I can’t be under her/ this young fellow/uneducated fellow
  • I could lead better
  • I will never fall the way he did
  • I can never clean a toilet
  • I am too rich to do that(1 Timothy 6:18)
Don’t ever think of yourself more highly than you ought. Be confident but do not be proud in a sinful way.
  • Don’t live a life of ungodly competition Phillipians 1:15, 1 Timothy 2:24
  • Don’t live a showy-life (Matthew 6:16)
By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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