Pastors And Temptation: Opposite Sex!

The opposite sex is a great temptation and as of these recent days even the same sex is now a big temptation.
Men and women of God are falling because of this.
If you are not married self-control is ideal.
If you are married make sure that your marriage is well oiled
Make sure you have attention and affection to one another, respect and honour. Make sure the bedroom is also spiced up. Don’t just have foreplay or sex like peole from the 1st century
Be in the know about differences in age and how that affects the sex drive.
Opposite sex is a source of temptation

  • Don’t mock those who have fallen by this sin 1 Corinthians 10:11-12
  • Don’t allow anyone to lay hands on you 1 Timothy 5:22
  • Don’t allow your eyes to wonder freely and carelessly
  • Don’t get into ministry with the play-boy philosophy
  • Don’t walk around/drive around with girls
  • Don’t touch sensitive parts of other people or pray for them sensitively
  • Don’t call the opposite sex
  • When the temptation is too much never gather guts to speak to the person you are attracted to
  • Don’t continue in porn whether visual, audio or verbal

  • Lose your power to sexually appeal to people except your spouse
  • Get into ministry knowing that any other lady is either a mother, sister or daughter. 1 Timothy 5:1-3
  • Cut off communications with previous loves
By Apostle Pride Sibiya

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