Pastors And Temptation: Finances And Materialism

The world revolves around money. It is the answer to all things ().Money represents the character (it reveals someone’s character), the strength (the sweat) of someone. Apart from a spouse, this is one of the greatest reasons for the disintegration of relationships. Even in Church, when you mention money you tend to lose some. Before you enter ministry make sure you have the right motivation: money should never be one of it ever (1 Timothy 6:10). We need to know that we were called not to make money but souls! As we do the will of God money will come. However you cannot buy (Simeon, Acts 8:20) or sell (freely you were given, freely give) grace at a monetary reward.
  • Start ministry or get into it for money
  • Think that the church is your personal property
  • Personally handle or keep the church funds.
  • Defraud people off their moneys
  • Exchange the will of God for money 2 Peter 2:15-18
  • Direct church funds into your personal account
  • Expect too much from Church or you will give up pretty soon
  • Be lazy. When the Church is small it cannot take care of you! Do something! 1 Thessalonians 3:6-12, 2 Timothy 2:15-16,
  • Manage church funds(to manage and to handle are different)
  • The use of money must be regulated by others other than the pastor
  • The use of money must be transparent. We are handling trust funds and the government is interested in how we use this money, moreso God is interested. Put up periodic reports and audits. Those who abuse money must be reported to the police if they have not admitted their faults before church committees.
  • Have a committee that is able to ask you how you are handling money and church property without any
  • Budget your own money and use your money by plan. W.M Brahnam was a great man but he failed dismally in this area and despite his success in prophecy he died poor.
Always remember that the only thing that can compete with God for His worship is not the devil but money. Be careful that you may worship money Matthew 6: 24.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

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