A Must Read - The Godly Woman And Her Sexuality

Every woman ought to control herself emotionally especially in terms of her sexual feelings. She should not open up to sexual abuses because of her desperation and exaggerated sexual feelings and fantasies. Be hard to get, be mysterious and be a hard nut to crack ,everyone wants it. The female body is sacred.

No woman must have sex without the confines of marriage because it is fornication / adultery.

However within its confines sex must be enjoyed fully by a glorious woman.

It is not a sin to enjoy sex to the fullest.
Godly women must express themselves too
A woman must know how to satisfy her husband. Women must be innovative, active, and be strong in both verbal and non-verbal communication even during sex. Give feedback to your spouse during and after sex. Many men also complain that no matter how they try their spouses never respond positively as in kuchemerera."They are just passive,” they complain.

Be confident. A confident woman feels sexy and triggers the best out of her husband.

Our African culture demands for women to be appreciative of the husband after sex. In days of old women even composed poems. This encourages the husband to even try the more to please the wife. Never speak negatively about your husband's prowess or this will discourage him since men are overally concerned about their ego which is mainly centred on their sexual organs, potency and competence. However never fake an orgasm, this will hurt him in that he'll not learn and moreover you because you live a fake life with no true joy.

Have time to play with your partner and have fun. It is no sin to walk together. Songs of Solomon 2:6

Do not always turn lights off – Genesis 2:25

Be very hygienic and also bath. I also encourage couples to bath together. Certain deodorants and perfumes may also be sexy.

Be innovative and creative.

In a normal, healthy situation you must have regular sex as per your and spouse's agreement.

Do not let your husband complain of not having enough sex. Every glorious woman must know that unlike her, to a man sex is a need not a want. Do not always complain that you are tired. Make efforts to freshen yourself before gong to bed but do not use aphrodisiacs which you have no good knowledge about. Find time to rest before sex and always sleep about 8 hours each night

Sex must not have a single routine but must have varied aspects. Different styles must be explored and tell your husband which styles you enjoy the most.

Always change the set-up of your bedroom and make it romantic. An untidy bedroom, mibhedha isina kuwarirwa are not romantic. You may also consider the lighting of your room. Too bright lights are not good but dark and coloured lights are better. You also must be romantic, wear sexy lingerie or just be fully naked. Do away with any ragged, tainted , or stained panty. In short anything you wouldn't wear to an appointment with your gynochologist is out. Who is more important him or your husband.

Sex should also not be only enjoyed in the confines of your bedroom but elsewhere as long as it is a healthy, secretive an comfortable. What about the floor, table, bathroom and not only in you old and tattered bed. Sex is also for anytime not just a night activity.

Also consider soft romantic music.

Do not be weak in bed. Gen 4:1 "And Adam knew his wife ---"

1 Corinthians 7:3-5 "Let --- and likewise also the wife into the husband. The wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband and likewise also the husband hath no power over his own body, but the wife. Defraud you not one another expect it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourself to fasting and prayer, and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your in contingency.

Bless you and your marriage.


By Apostle Pride Sibiya (Bishop: Glory Ministries)
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