Just Before You Say, I Do: Your Wife Is Your Tasty Rib (Part 10)

Your wife came from the rib … oh have you ever gone for ribs in a meal…special meat hantie! Rib rinonaka, it is tasty! It is tasty especially when marinated! 

A woman is a rib that you must marinate with the marinade of love, messaging, good compliments, giving, nice words before you enjoy it! Unlike steak which can taste good with marinade a rib needs marinade. Kikiki! Ndimai Bishop Sibiya vadaro!
Just Before You Say, I Do: Your Wife Is Your Tasty Rib
The rib protects the heart and the heart symbolises love. Women have great sex when they feel loved cause they came from the heart. Even physically, you can actually “marinade” your spouse with ice cream or honey or whatever and lick it from their body uyazibona?
There is need for a lot of foreplay. A man should be the first baby who sucks the breast of his wife and plays with every part of each others’ body except the exit…number two! Kikiki! Touch and embrace one another and explore your bodies fully and also use kind words and praises.

Communication is critical in bed! The Bible tells us to enjoy life with our spouses and let her breast bring full joy to you! Amen! Halleluah! NEVER WATCH PORNOGRAPHIC STUFF. NEVER!

By Apostle Pride And Anna Sibiya
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