Just Before You Say, I Do: Young Couples, Family And Friends (Part 9)

Families from which we come from must be managed well. While we can never divorce ourselves or our spouses from our families, we must never allow families to remote control what happens in our marriages. 

Your mother is your mother not your wife and do not let your wife hate your mother because of how you allow her to interfere in your marriage. Never compare your husband to your father, he is your hubby not your husband. Papa must help not interfere. Some friends should naturally fall off depending on a number of issues. Some friends of the opposite sex may need to be dropped as well depending on you two. Never allow a third-party in-between you.

We both must take good care of our parents, chengetai mai nababa please! Visit them and shower them with gifts. Also attend funerals and special family gatherings. When helping families it should be done openly and with transparency.
Family Is Best If Well-Managed
The two of you should deal with the family you come from by telling them how you will be running your family e.g “from now onwards if you need anything from me ask from my spouse not me!” This is what me and mama call the cross-hands principle: the husband takes care of the wife’s family while the wife takes care of the husband’s family. But when there is need for serious rebukes we go back to our families.

Your siblings should not just budge in and take possession of your clothes for example without the agreement of your spouse. They should also not be frequenters of your bedroom. Sexual temptation is one of the strongest powers on this earth. Families are fragmented when spouses cheat with siblings of their partner…so sad! My wife’s sister is my daughter not my second wife. My nephew is not my wife’s alternative husband even when I am not there…MDHARA ACHAUYA! Friends are even worse…some friends always secretly drool over your spouse…no wonder your spouse should be your best friend.

Do not be quick to tell your family and friends marital problems cause they will fail to forgive your spouse long after you forgive them and are kissing.

Always speak highly of your spouse to all your relatives and friends and defend them whenever possible.


By Apostle Pride and Mama Anna Sibiya
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