Just Before You Say, I Do: Sex Is Worship (Part 11)

Sex is an act of worship because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Temples are synonymous with worship. When two married people have sex they are fulfilling God’s Word, their covenant obligations before God therefore worshipping God. 

Sex is a blood game and blood is not to be consumed except in covenant relationship. We drink the blood of Jesus only in the New Covenant/ Testament and sex blood must be consumed only within the Matrimonial Covenant. 
Lovemaking Is Spiritual
Sex is more than amusement and entertainment, it is first and foremost as well as over and above all, spiritual. Sex unites two people and opens doors for transfer of physical, chemical, and spiritual entities demons included.

When we engage in adultery and fornication we use the temple of God in a sad and sorry manner. We use His temple to worship Satan. As couples we therefore need to base our sexual relations on God and commit it to Him … even asking Him to better your sex life. So when you get married and afterward have sex, you please God, it is a spiritual act of worship. To the marrieds, please go and worship! To the unmarried, STOP IT! Do not worship wrong gods.


By Apostle Pride And Anna Sibiya

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