Just Before You Say I Do: Realistic Expectations (Part 3)

Some of our expectations do not show up when you get married and you begin to see a different person all-together. 

This is where fights start, you feel you have been duped into marrying the wrong person and now because you are married they are showing out: “when we married I married one person, this person here, I do not know,” you say. All things change, back then as opposed to now:

You used to meet all bathed up and smelling fresh. Now you wake up together, maybe looking bad (une mbuurwa or mararo), mouth un-brushed and you have to do household chores before you bath and you get all scruffy and smelly.

You used to go home and cool off your anger when things go unwell and you have an argument, now there is no home to rush to you have to face up and solve issues knowing this very person is the ‘last you will see every night and the first you will see every morning.’
Unreal Expectation Give Conflicts
You used to put on the best clothes to meet up, now they see the real you without the cosmetics, artificial nails, the Tommy Hilfiger neck chains and bracelets, or the breast shaping bras and the body-shaper.

It is impotant to be realistic in life. Do not expect too much from a carnal person. Everyone has weaknesses and imperfections just like you. Sometimes I ask, “would you have ever wanted to marry someone with the same character as you?” some would reply that: “it would be hell on earth!” so be considerate of your partner. Do not expect your partner to

Exactly be like the man or woman next door, your celebrity, parent or pastor. All those people have gone through their own processes to get to where they are. Never compare your spouse to anyone! Some of those people have very many problems, only that they are mature enough not to publicise them, chakafukidza dzimba matenga. Accept the one you have, “the devil you know is better than the devil you do not know!”

Be able to do all things that you expect them to be able to do.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya And Pastor Anna Sibiya
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