Just Before You Say, I Do: Please Expect Conficts! (Part 4)

“If your relationship has no conflicts then please call for an ambulance, you may be living with a corpse.” You may have oppressed the other part to the extent that they do not share their views openly but as long as there are two people there are bound to be conflicts. 

What makes it so sure is the fact that even when you are alone you always have conflicts with yourself. A conflict is a clash or disagreement of ideas, lifestyles, cultures, expectations, and the like.
Just Before You Say, I Do: Please Expect Conficts
When there is a conflict there is a divergence, difference, variance, inconsistency, contradiction, dispute, controversy, fracas, tension and discord of views. It is important to note that conflicts are not a sign that your marriage is not meant to be or are expected to end because you are in Christ. These are expected because we had two different backgrounds and upbringings, your education, financial status, colour/race, languages, cultures and so on. 

The more your backgrounds are different, the more you can expect conflicts and the more you do not know about your spouse, the more surprises will come, leading to conflicts. This is why those of old always said “rooranai vematongo!”(marry those from your locality only!)

By Apostle Pride And Anna Sibiya
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